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Ant Killer

Ants are one of the most common insects on the Earth. There are more than
10,000 species of them, making them the most abundant group of insects.


Ants are one of the most common insects on the Earth. There are more
than 10,000 species of them, making them the most abundant group of
insects. They are social groups and are among the most resilient creatures
to natural disasters. Among them, termites and red imported fire ants are
probably the most closely related to us and have the greatest impact on our


Termites are destructive to crops, especially to field crops and cash crops.
They are good at degrading lignocellulose, so that they will eat anything that
contains lignocellulose. Their existence is a great threat on brick and wood
structure buildings, especially on wood structure building. It is also difficult
to estimate the damage and loss caused by termites to cultural relics,
books, archives, cables, paper, cloth, etc. Some of them can even threat the
safety of river dams. It is estimated that termites cause tens of billions of
dollars of economic losses worldwide every year.

Red Imported Fire Ants

Meaning invincible ants in L .atin, red imported fire ants are so hard to control that they get their name. They originally live in South America and have
gradually spread around the world in the recent 100 years. They are listed as invasive species in many countries. Being capable of repeated stinging, they
are very aggressive towards people and animals. They affect the health and life quality of people living in their invaded places. They feed on seeds, roots,
and fruits of crops, which will cause great losses in agricultural production. They also prey on some egg-laying animals, incest larvae, and adult insects,
which causes the competition for food resources with other animals and affect the conservation of biodiversity.

5% Bifenthrin Water Emulsion

15% lmidacloprid Suspending Agent

Termite Powder

Underground Termite Inducing and Killing Device

Household Ant-killing Bait

5% Bifenthrin Water Emulsion

Product Name: 5% Bifenthrin Water Emulsion
Product Status: Water Emulsion
Net Content: 500 mL, 1000mL,20 Kg / Bucket
Features: Whole nest killing and long-lasting effect
For both indoor and outdoor use. Dilute with 100 times of water , and spray
the mixture to places with frequent termite activity.

This water emulsion adopts bifenthrin, which is a highly effective active
ingredient recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The
product completely uses deionized water to replace the organic solvent to
avoid the flammable risk of the organic solvent in the process of production,
transportation, storage and use. lt is an environment-friendly insecticide,
which reduces the pollution to the environment and improves its safety. lts
stable chemical property and long-lasting effect make it an ideal specified
pesticide for termite control in both soil and wood. It is highly effective in
killing and repelling termites. It can be effectively used for the prevention
and control of various species of termites such as dampwood termites,
drywood termites, and subterranean termites.

15% lmidacloprid Suspending Agent

Product Name: 15% Imidacloprid Suspending Agent
Product Status: Suspending Agent
Net Content: 500 mL, 1000mL, 20 Kg / Bucket
Validity Period: 2 Years
Targets: All species of termites
Features: Quick and highly effective killing effect

With imidacloprid as the active ingredient, this product has the characteristics of broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue generation and
low pesticide resistance. lt has multiple killing methods such as touch poisoning, stomach poisoning, and inhalation poisoning. After the agent is touched
by termites, their normal conduction of central nervous system will be blocked, followed by the death of the termites because of paralysis. The product has a
great killing effect on termites, low toxicity to human and animals, and lttle irritation to eyes and skin. The main carrier of this suspending agent is water,
which does not contain any chemical solvents. So, it is non-flammable, and only has tiny pollution to environment. The product is also easy to use and safe
for environmental protection. It will not affect fish and other animals in water when it is used in locations such as reservoirs and dams.

Termite Powder

This termite powder is highly effective termite killing product, which has
efficient chain killing function.

Application Method

1. Drill a hole in the place where termites gathering. Insert the jet of the
medicine into the hole. Press the bottle and spray the powder inside. Block
the hole with a tissue or cotton ball.
2. Strike the wood board or ground around the hole in order to cause chaos
in the termite crowd. Some termites will be stained with the powder, and
then go back to their nest with the medicine.
3. When the medicine takes effect, through the trophallaxis behavior, there
will be infection between termites. After the medicine is used for 7-1 5, the
whole nest of termites will be completely killed.

Termite Bait Station

Application Method

This termite bait station is an underground termite killing and monitoring device which adopts the principle of monitoring-inducing-killing-re-monitoring. It is made of engineering plastics with high temperature and aging resistance. Its strength and aging resistance degree have passed the examination by national inspection department.

Work Procedure

1. Monitor termites: Put the poisonous baits into the device, and then put
the device into the soil where termites may emerge.
2. Induce termites: Wait until termites find, bite, and take the bait to its nest.
3. Kill termites: Make use of termites’ trophallaxis habit, the elimination of
the whole of nest of termites will be achieved.

Introduction to Hexaflumuron

Hexaflumuron is a sort of insect growth inhibitor, which can prevent the
composition of chitinous substance in termites. This will cause the
suppression of exfoliation in termites, and thus cause the death of termites.
The continuous death of termites, especially the worker ants, will result in
the hunger in the whole ant nest, which will further cause the extinction of
the group.

How to Use

1. Dig a hole with a hole puncher where the device will be installed later.
2. Clear the soil within the hole.
3. Put the device vertically into the hole.
4. Check the top cap periodically to see whether the bait has been bitten by termites.
5. Check whether there are termites on the baits.
6. If there is sign of termite eating, put the termite killing bait into the device.

Places for Use

Forests with old trees
Community greening
Scenic landscape and gardens
Parterres and orchards
Ancient building complex

Attention for Use

1. Please wear disposable gloves and masks in the operation.
2. Carry out periodical check within 3 months. Make supplement if the baits are eaten up by termites.

Household Ant-killing Bait

When the bait is exposed to red imported fire ants or enters its body, the
behavior of the ants will change. The bait will make the red imported fire
ants stop feeding, which provides excellent protection for the target crops.
lt is suitable for the killing and control of red imported fire ants in parks,
green areas, sports fields, lawns, and ridges of field, etc.
After the bait is applied, the worker ants will bring the bait particles into the
nest for other ants and the queen to feed. The bait will take effect quickly.
The red imported fire ants and the queen will die in the following 1-4
weeks. As a result, the overall nest of ant population can be effectively
killed and controlled.

Suggestions for Application

Apply 5-20 g of the baits to each red imported fire ant nest. The baits should be distributed in ring shape area within the range of 0.2-0.3 m from the ant
nest. For areas with serious red imported fire ant problems, in addition to the 25 g of the baits applied to each nest, another 1000 g of the baits should be
spread for each hectare of crops. According to the ant infestation situation, the second time supplementary application of the baits should be carried out in
1-2 months after the first application. When applying the baits, make sure that the ground is dry, and avoid spreading the baits onto the hill or treading the
hill to interfere with its activity. The baits will be more efficient when the daytime temperature is between 20-33C and the ground temperature is between
21-32C. When the daytime temperature is over 32C, the red imported fire ants tend to feed at night. In this case, it is better to apply the baits at night.

Attention Points

1. This product is low in toxicity. When using the bait, please follow the operating instructions for pesticide use strictly.
2. Before use, please don’t open the outer package of the product lest being mildewed by damp. Remember to wear protection gloves when using. Avoid
being polluted by peculiar smells which may lead to ants’ refusal to eat or affection to the effect.
3. When using the bait, please don’t contaminate food. Keep away from food and food storage place. The bait should not be applied to water channels, which
will impact the effect of the bait.
4. Operators of the bait should take appropriate protection measures. If part of the body or eye is touched by the bait, please give washing with clear water.
5. If the bait is eaten by mistake, the patient should be taken into hospital immediately, with the outer package of the bait brought together for proper
treatment. Random medicine taking is forbidden.
6. Keep out of reach of children. Outer package of the bait should be properly disposed of after use.
7. The product should be stored in dry and ventilated places. Don’t get it close to fire, and don’t get it exposed to high temperature environment.

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