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Yellow Sticky Glue Traps

The sticky glue traps has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection, and is suitable for places that are sensitive to other methods, such as food factories, pharmaceutical factories, kitchens, etc.

Sticky Glue Traps for Insects

This Sticky Glue Traps for Insects is made of corn starch and other biological materials, which can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature, and eventually generate carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment. After use, it can be directly buried and composted.

Product Parameter

  • Fully Degradable Sticky Glue Traps for Insects double-sided glue, single-layer glue thickness: 0.03-0.05mm, four sides are broken to prevent glue overflow, double-sided covered with release paper;
  • 200*250mm, substrate thickness: 0.3mm, yellow light wave is 575nm, blue light wave is 465nm;
  • Sticky shellac has stable chemical properties, non-toxic and pollution-free, colloidal adhesion: greater than 6.8×10-4N/mm2, good resistance to sun and rain, high viscosity, durable and valid for more than 2 months;
  • 25 pieces in a pack, 500 pieces in a box, with no less than 1000 cable ties.

Usage Amount

When monitoring insect population density, hang 3-5 sheets per mu; when used for pest control, hang 30-40 sheets per mu.


When the Fully Degradable Sticky Glue Traps for Insects is used in an orchard or a greenhouse, use a wire or a rope to pass through the two hanging holes of the sticky stick, and pull the two ends of the sticky sticky stick tightly and hang it vertically on the fruit tree branches or the shed support; use in the vegetable field At the time, first fix the insect trap with wooden sticks or bamboo chips, then insert it into the field and adjust the hanging height. For low crops, the hanging position of the sticky insect board is 15-20 cm away from the upper part of the crop, and the hanging height should be adjusted continuously according to the growing height of the crop; for fruit trees, the sticky insect board should be hung on the branches with sparse leaves in the middle and lower parts of the fruit tree canopy.

Sticky Glue Traps for Mice

Strong Sticky Glue Traps for Mice is suitable for kitchen, guest seats, dining room, bedroom, office, etc.

Product Parameter

  • Using high-quality glue, the stickiness is very good, it is true that it will not melt at 40 ℃, and will not condense at -20 ℃, and the mouse will stick to the touch.
  • Uniquely added seafood flavor attractant, used in conjunction with ordinary flavors, to increase the rate of mouse catching.
  • Super hard thick cardboard, special cardboard, stronger and harder, can resist the struggle and pull of big mice.

Product Feature

This Sticky Glue Traps for Mice is made of high-quality superglue and thickened cardboard. As long as the paws or body hair of mice touches the glue, it will be stuck by the superglue, which makes it impossible to get away. In addition, the glue used by this board contains fragrance, which can form a strong attraction to mice.

How to Use

1. Open the board from the edge, and spread out to both sides.
2. Observe the activity rules of the mice and figure out their movement
3. Place mice’s favorite food, e.g., biscuits or other sweet food, to the center
of the board. Press the food with force for stable placement.

Suggestions about Time and Location

1. Time: It is recommended to use the board at night, since mice tend to be more active at night.
2. Location: Mice like to wander along the corner of a wall or the edge of furniture. So, good locations to place the sticky mouse board will be places like the
corners, both sides of doors, area around the trash can, back part of a refrigerator, etc. Remember to clean the floor before the placement.
3. As the circumstances may require, this Sticky Traps can also be placed onto desktop surface, computer hosts, printers, water dispensers, microwave
ovens, etc.
4. Restaurant kitchens are the places where mice frequently come and go. For places like this, multiple sticky mouse board can be placed according to the
requirement. Area around the trash can and under the cabinets will be great places for the board placement.

Other Suggestion

If no mouse is trapped by the Sticky Traps for Mice  for days after the placement, it is recommended to add the number of the placement to raise the
possibility. If the situation continues after the number added, it is suggested to change the location of the placement.

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