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Pest Control Equipment

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Pest Control Equipment


We wholesale safe and environment-friendly insect repellents and provide product customization with pyrethroids, imidacloprid, indoxacarb, etc.

Bug Zapper

Insecticidal Lamp is a kind of physical control equipment that uses the phototaxis
of pests to trap and kill. It is often used in farmland, vegetable garden, orchard, tea garden and other places.

Sticky Traps

The sticky traps has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection,
and is suitable for places that are sensitive to other methods, such as food factories, pharmaceutical factories, kitchens, etc.

Live Traps

Careful selection of excellent raw materials, stable performance

Hanging Fly Trap

Simple, convenient, economical and durable, safe and environmentally friendly

Propane Bird Cannon

A Propane Bird Canon is ideal for bird control in vineyard, orchard, farmland and airport environments.

Our Expertise

Product Quality Control

We have a comprehensive quality management system to control the quality in every step of the production process.

Logistics Service

We provide customers with convenient and efficient logistics service to send our products quickly all over the world.

Foreign Trade Experience

Our experts with a wealth of professional pest control knowledge can meet your customized demands for products.

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