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Thermal Fogging Machine

The ideal thermal fogging machine for both agricultural use and public health field.

Thermal Fogging Machine

Product Description

This thermal fogging machine is ideal for the killing and control of mosquitoes and flying insects, crawling insects, the fogging of bird repellents, the abatement of smoke and odor, and more. The water based solutions sprayed by the machine can be used in large open areas and areas that are heavily obstructed by vegetation, landscaping, stored products, etc. It uses the hot exhaust generated by the built-in pulse jet engine to produce a large amount of smoke, and, at the same time, make sure that the active ingredients in the fogging solution will not be burned off.

When using insecticides, this fogging machine can be used for disease and pest control in orchard, vegetable garden, tea garden, plastic greenhouse, plant nursery, field crops, pasture, garden flowers and trees. When disinfectant is added into the machine, it can be used for disease and virus control in public health areas such as hospitals, conference rooms, theaters, sports venues, wharves, etc. When using anti-freeze solution, it can be used for the protection against agro-frost in agricultural areas.

Product Introduction

Net Weight/Gross Weight: 8.5kg/14.3kg

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