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Bed Bug Killer

Bed bugs can enter your home undetected through luggage, clothing, used beds and sofas, and other items.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can enter your home undetected through luggage, clothing, used beds and sofas, and other items. Their flat bodies allow them to fit into small spaces about the thickness of a credit card. Over time, they may spread throughout the bedroom and move into any crevices or areas where they can hide themselves. Bed bugs can also spread to nearby rooms or apartments. Their bites can cause several symptoms, including itchy skin, rashes, nervousness, weakness, asthma, dizziness and insomnia, which can seriously affect people’s health.
Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal and usually bite while people are sleeping. They poke the skin and suck blood through their long and thin beaks. They may suck blood for 3-10 minutes, and crawl away when their bodies are filled with blood.


Fleas feed on blood. Adult fleas are usually brown and about 3 mm (1/8 inch) in length. Their flattened bodies allow them to pass through the fur or feathers of the hosts. Summer is their breeding season, and their number may increase rapidly. Therefore, when you sense there are fleas around, they may have been living with you for long time.

Fleas prefer furry pets. So, they live mostly on cats and dogs. Especially in summer, when you take your pet out for a walk, they can get fleas when they cross the grassland. Therefore, if you want to keep a dog, cat or other pet at home, it is better not to put their carpet in your living room. The suitable temperature condition inside the carpet makes it an ideal breeding place for fleas.

How to eliminate indoor adult fleas and their eggs

1. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the indoor environment thoroughly. Be sure to vacuum everywhere carefully. Clean up all the places that are not easy to
clean, especially the places where pets often sleep. After vacuuming, put the garbage collected in a garbage bag, and then put it into the trash can on the
ground. Generally, a vacuum cleaner can remove up to 50% of flea eggs in total.
2. Pet sleeping mats should be cleaned every few days. It is better to spray flea control medicine onto them, so that if there are fleas emerging on pets, they
can be killed when pets touch their mats.
3. Use flea control medicine and spray it onto the furniture where it is usually difficult to clean, such as the ground under a bed, the bottom of a sofa and the
back part of a washing machine. When it is used indoors, more than effectiveness, choose the medicine that will not affect the environment or people.

3% Highly Efficient Tetramethrin and Cypermethrin Microemulsion

Poultry Pest-killing Water Emulsion

Exclusive Flea-killing Water Emulsion

Water Emulsion

3% Highly Efficient Tetramethrin and Cypermethrin Microemulsion

1. Indoor Application

This product is a broad-spectrum low-toxic pesticide product, which is
suitable for high-end places such as homes, restaurants, hotels, military,
trains, food processing and storage, animal breeding places.

2. Long Duration

When the medicine is sprayed on the surface of the object, a medicine
membrane can be formed to prevent pests. The effect of the medicine can
be kept for 1-3 months if not washed.

3. Range of Application

The application method of this product is retention spraying, which can be
sprayed on a large area of field. It is designed for the elimination of a variety
of pests and can effectively kill various household hygiene pests.

Recommended Methods of Use

Method 1: Large area retention spraying method
Put the product into a spray can or container, and dilute with 50-100 times
of water according to the requirements of the environment.
Can be used widely onto walls, floors, grassland, and in factory workshops
or warehouses.
For corridors and other pest breeding environments, apply spraying once
every 10-15 days.
Method 2: Brushing method
Dilute the product with 20 times of water, and mix evenly. Brush the mixture
onto screen doors and screen windows to prevent various pests from

Method 3: Animal body spraying method
Dilute the product with 150-200 times of water, and spray directly to the root of hair or body of animals with a sprayer. It can eliminate the parasitic pests on
animal body, and can be used for pigs, horses, cows, and sheep. But it can not be used for baby poultry or animal in lactation period.
Method 4: Part spraying method at home
Dilute the product with 20-100 times of water, and then spray with a sprinkling can or sprayer. It can be sprayed onto living room, kitchen, toilet, and sewer to
effectively kill cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, and other sewer pests.
Method 5: Fly-illing rope
Dilute the product with 20 times of water, and mix with 20% of white or brown sugar. Soak the hemp rope into the mixture that just has been made, and then
hang the rope where flies haunt.

Poultry Pest-killing Water Emulsion

Used for livestock and poultry breeding farms. Can be used for both space
and body surface spraying. Quick elimination capability, no irritating smell, .
no residue after use.
Suitable for all kinds of breeding fields. Can effectively kill mosquitoes, flies,
fleas, chicken lice, acarids, ticks, moths and other sanitary pests.
1. Open the bottle cap, and determine the dosage with reference to the
situation of the field.
2. Pour the medicine into the watering can and fill it with water of contrast
concentration. Shake the watering can and let the medicament fully
dissolved with water.
3. Convert the spray head to mist spraying mode, and spray the field
completely and evenly.

Dilute the medicant with 100-150 times of water first, and adopt ultra-low or regular volume sprayers when spraying. Spray chicken cages, feeding troughs
and egg rolling nets completely and evenly.
1. Spray the top of the chicken coop first. Then spray from the bottom of the cage upwards until the feathers of chicken are slightly wet.
2. Spray the back of the feeding troughs and the egg rolling net, and then spray the ground under the cage.
3. Apply periodic check, and spray again every other week. Then check every half a month, and continue using the medicant when pests are found.

Exclusive Flea-killing Water Emulsion

Home use

Spray the chemical liquid evenly on the places where pests frequently come
and go, such as sofas, curtains, wallpaper, carpets, and shadow places
where pests are possibly breeding.

Kill fleas in the bedroom

Spray directly onto bedding, fabric, headboards, carpets, curtains, wardrobes
in the bedroom, and wait until it gets dry naturally.

Pet Use

(1) For dogs
1. This product can only be used for large dogs over 6 years old or weighing more than 10 kg.
2. Spray the medicine directly to the root of dog’s hair to kill the fleas.
3. Don’t give the dog a bath until about 45 minutes after the use of the medicine.
(2) For cats
1. After bathing the cat, wipe its hair with a towel until it is slightly damp.
2. Dilute the product with 100 times of water. Spray the mixture onto the skin and rub the part of skin which has been bitten by fleas for better absorption.
Cleaning will not be needed afterwards. Dry the place with a hair dryer after 1-2 minutes of the use of medicine.

Water Emulsion

The product has peaceful smell. lt can be used where there are pregnant
women and babies. Use with caution for allergic crowd. Using deionized
purified water, with water as the carrier, the emulsion is gentle and non-
irritating. It sprays water mist with light fragrance. No cleaning needed after
use. Feel the taste of nature. Can be sprayed to beds, sofa, wardrobe, plat
pots, and can be used in bathroom and other environments.
Effectively kill cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, ants, cents, psyllids and other
It is recommended to adopt bathing method for dogs weighing less than 1
kg. After the bath, use the emulsion when the hair is dry.

Dilute the emulsion with 100 times of water, rub the pet on the hair, keep rubbing until the hair is slightly wet.

Attention for Family Use

1. Do not spray onto intimate apparels.
2. Use according to the actual situation of the pests. If there is uncertainty about the dosage, please consult our in-store customer service.
3. For hyper-allergic crowd, it is recommended to use a small amount of spray for skin allergy test first.
4. Use with caution for allergic patients. If allergic symptoms occur during use, stop using immediately.

Attention for Pet Use

1. Please don’t spray onto pet’s head, eyes, ears, mouth or nose.
2. For pets in pregnancy and lactation period, younger than 3 months, or lighter than 1 kg, the emulsion must be diluted with 100 times of water before used
in the pet’s bath.
3. For dogs with allergic physique, it is recommended to use a small amount of spray to do a skin allergy test before use.
4. It is recommended to adopt bathing method for feline pets.

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