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Mouse Killer

Mice belong to rodent animal family, with the strongest reproduction capability and
strong survival ability among mammals.

Mice belong to rodent animal family, with the strongest reproduction
capability and strong survival ability among mammals. There are around
480 kinds of mice in the world, and they can be seen both indoors and
outdoors. They often infest sewers, toilets, kitchens, garbage dump and
other places where bacteria breed. They spread pathogens through their
feet and body hair.
Mice are known for their alertness. They are active at night and hiding
during daytime. Whenever before going out of their holes, they will look left
and right to ensure the security. They also like to have their nest built near
food and water sources, and establish fixed routes to reduce danger. They
have a strong memory. If they have been attacked in one place, for a long
time, they will avoid their appearance in that place. Mice have strong sense
of smell, especially to human odors. As a result, even when they settle in
human’s room, mice are not seen quite often. They prefer to build their nests
in unknown places. So, they are difficult to find unless there is a thorough
check at home.

Mice are with powerful reproductive capability, so their number keeps increasing rapidly. They can mate and breed all year round. Normally, without outside
interference, thousands of mice can be added to their family by only one single female mouse in just a year. This is astonishing.
Mice are also the main hosts and vectors of many kinds of diseases. Currently, there are about 57 known diseases, including plague, epidemic hemorrhagic
fever, leptospirosis, typhus and splenic relapsing fever, etc. Their existence poses a major threat to the safety and health of human beings.
The existence of mice is a long-standing and severe threat to human food. A mouse can consume food about 1/10 – 1/5 of their body weight every day.
Because of their existence, 50 million tons of food will be lost in the world in one year, which will be enough to feed 1 50 million people for one year.
Since mice are rodents, their teeth will keep growing every day. If they don’t chew things regularly, they will soon have difficulty in feeding. As a result, they
can cause damage to various kinds of cables, clothing, and other raw materials. With their burrowing habits, mice are also a danger to the safety of human
buildings. If their number comes to a dangerous degree, they will dig out the soil beneath buildings, and might cause partial landslides, which is obviously a
danger to both house, human life, and property. According to statistics, 15-20 percent of the power outages in industrial field are caused by rat chewing, and
by rat drilling into transformers which will further result in short-circuiting.

Plant Mouse-repellent Spray

Sticky Mouse Board

Plant Mouse-repellent Spray

Product Feature

This mouse-repellent spray is manufactured by adopting Australian
technology. Australian raw liquid is added to the traditional plant repellent
product. Taking advantage of the sensitive olfactory and taste systems of
mice, when the spray is used, it will release the odor that hated by mice, and
thus achieve the purpose of driving away. This product is made from plant
extracts. lt is non-corrosive, and thus will not cause any damage to the
places where it used.

Product Feature

This spray can be used widely in a variety of places where mice should be
repelled. These places include but are not limited to cars, family
environment, office environment, hotels, warehouses, canteens, etc.

How to Use

For Car use
For use in cars, this spray can be used both onto car engines and for in-car
interior space. Firstly, the spray should be diluted by 100-200 times of water.
Then, for use onto car engines, you can spray the mixture of spray and water
that has just been made onto the engine of the car once a day, and keep
doing for 5 days to observe the effect of the spray. For interior space, you
can spray the mixture onto objects like a piece of sponge or a towel, and
then place it where mice are infested. By doing this, the interior spaces will
be filled with the smell of the spray for quite long period of time, and such
smell will prevent mice from coming into the car.
For use in family environment, office environment, hotels, warehouses, and
canteens, etc.
The use in family environment, office environment, hotels, warehouses, and
canteens will be similar with the use for cars. The spray should also first be
diluted by 100-200 times of water. The mixture can also be sprayed onto
objects like a piece of sponge or a towel. And then, the sponge or towel with
the mixture can be placed where mice are infested. In order not to be kicked
or touched unintentionally, one thing that should be noted here is that the
sponger or towel will be better to be placed where few people move around.

Sticky Mouse Board

Product Feature

This sticky mouse board is made of high-quality superglue and thickened
cardboard. As long as the paws or body hair of mice touches the glue, it will
be stuck by the superglue, which makes it impossible to get away. In
addition, the glue used by this board contains fragrance, which can form a
strong attraction to mice.

Range of Application

Car, Family, Office, Hotel, Warehouse, Canteen.

How to Use

1. Open the board from the edge, and spread out to both sides.
2. Observe the activity rules of the mice and figure out their movement
3. Place mice’s favorite food, e.g., biscuits or other sweet food, to the center
of the board. Press the food with force for stable placement.

Suggestions about Time and Location

1. Time: It is recommended to use the board at night, since mice tend to be more active at night.
2. Location: Mice like to wander along the corner of a wall or the edge of furniture. So, good locations to place the sticky mouse board will be places like the
corners, both sides of doors, area around the trash can, back part of a refrigerator, etc. Remember to clean the floor before the placement.
3. As the circumstances may require, this sticky mouse pad can also be placed onto desktop surface, computer hosts, printers, water dispensers, microwave
ovens, etc.
4. Restaurant kitchens are the places where mice frequently come and go. For places like this, multiple sticky mouse board can be placed according to the
requirement. Area around the trash can and under the cabinets will be great places for the board placement.

Other Suggestion

If no mouse is trapped by the sticky mouse board for days after the placement, it is recommended to add the number of the placement to raise the
possibility. If the situation continues after the number added, it is suggested to change the location of the placement.

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