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Mosquito Killer

In most parts of the world, mosquitoes have been causing a series of public health
problems. It is estimated that about 700 million people are infected by various
diseases caused by mosquitoes each year.

In most parts of the world, mosquitoes have been causing a series of public
health problems. It is estimated that about 700 million people are infected
by various diseases caused by mosquitoes each year. About 1 in 17 people
dies from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Especially in tropical areas,
many infectious diseases are often transmitted to humans by mosquitoes.
However, in most temperate zone countries, such as the United States, the
United Kingdom, and New Zealand, mosquito bites usually cause only
itching that will not be contagious, but some individual phenomena are not

In the evening, since mosquitoes prefer where there is light, so most mosquitoes start to enter the house. The corners of the house, the ceiling, the bottom of
the bed, and the vicinity of water sources behind the seat (especially rooms with babies and the elderly) are places where mosquitoes like to visit and hide.
Therefore, pay special attention when spraying aerosols. In fact, mosquito prevention is very important. If there are fine mosquito control methods, the
number of mosquitoes in your house can be greatly reduced.
Mosquitoes are good at capturing chemicals released by human body. With the help of more than 70 odors and chemoreceptors in their antennae, they can
detect carbon dioxide, 1-octen-3-ol and other organic substances from our breath and sweat. These receptors can detect trace amounts of chemicals from
hundreds of feet away. And after sensing the target, they can use chemical and visual signals to track prey. For the color of clothes that people wear,
mosquitoes prefer to attack people who wear clothes in dark color.
Body odor is another important aspect for mosquitoes to choose their target. For people with a strong odor from their body, even when their body is covered
more tightly than others, they are more likely to be the target of mosquitoes. This is because mosquitoes prefer those people with more odor and chemical
compounds release. According to their opinion, people with strong body odor smell better.

Bottled Hot Mist

Poultry Pest-killing Water Emulsion

Insecticidal Bait Powder

Water Emulsion

Bottled Hot Mist

The hot mist is for use with hot fog machines, which has knockdown effect
on sanitary pests. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. You can
pour the medicine into the smoke machine and heat it to spray smoke. Each
barrel (5 liters) can be used for area around 5000 cubic meters.

*Hot fog machines are available for sale.

1. This product is toxic to fish and silkworms. When it is used, please strictly
follow the safety procedures for pesticide use.
2. Before operation, make sure to wear protective masks, gloves, goggles,
etc. Wash and clean hands and any exposed body parts immediately after
the operation. This product also has radiation effect to eyes, so pay
attention to eye protection when using.
3. To guarantee the effect of the product, use this product in an open place.
And avoid the operation with wind speed over 10 km/h, rain or sand blowing.
It is forbidden for operation in or near silkworm nurseries. Pay attention not
to contaminate food and drinking water when using.
4. Prohibited in use in livestock and poultry farms. Do not pollute water
sources, ponds, mulberry gardens, and bee farms.
5. It is forbidden for use with pregnant women, breastfeeding women and
allergies. Stop using and seek medical advice when there is any adverse
reaction during use.
б. Humans and animals are not allowed to stay indoors during use. And the
indoor space should be fully ventilated before re-entering.
7. When used in the sewers, it should be ensured that the biogas within has
been completely released.

Pour the liquid medicine directly into the hot fog machine. Heat the liquid, and then spray for use.
Pour the liquid medicine into the hot fog machine.
Spray directly to the inlet of sewer.

Poultry Pest-killing Water Emulsion

Used for livestock and poultry breeding farms. Can be used for both space
and body surface spraying. Quick elimination capability, no irritating smell,
no residue after use.
Suitable for all kinds of breeding fields. Can effectively kill mosquitoes, flies,
fleas, chicken lice, acarids, ticks, moths and other sanitary pests.

1. Open the bottle cap, and determine the dosage with reference to the situation of the field.
2. Pour the medicine into the watering can and fill it with water of contrast concentration. Shake the watering can and let the medicament fully dissolved with
3. Convert the spray head to mist-spraying mode, and spray the field completely and evenly.
Dilute the medicant with 100-1 50 times of water first, and adopt ultra-low or regular volume sprayers when spraying. Spray chicken cages, feeding troughs
and egg rolling nets completely and evenly.
1. Spray the top of the chicken coop first. Then spray from the bottom of the cage upwards until the feathers of chicken are slightly wet.
2. Spray the back of the feeding troughs and the egg rolling net, and then spray the ground under the cage.
3. Apply periodic check, and spray again every other week. Then check every half a month, and continue using the medicant when pests are found.

Insecticidal Bait Powder

This product can effectively kill pests with accurate control.
Note: Do not contaminate food, tableware and drinking water during use. It
is toxic to silkworms, so be careful not to pollute the silkworm raising area
when using. Prohibited in the silkworm room and nearby. Wash hands after
use, and avoid contact with pregnant and lactating women. For people
susceptible to allergies, the use of this powder is forbidden. Please dispose
of packages properly after use, and don’t discard casually. And it is
prohibited to use in bird sanctuaries.

1. Tear open the pack, and pour it directly into the basin or on the ground.
2. Put the loaded bait where flies gather, and you will see flies gathering in less than a few minutes.
3. It is recommended to put one or two insecticide baits in each bag. The content of imidacloprid in this bait powder is 2.1 5%. Please store the products in
cool and dry places.
Special reminder: This product can kill pests by touching the surface of the spray (usually 10-20 minutes). Therefore, walls and carriers of the application
site must be sprayed as a whole.
Tip: Spray the place where the powder will be used later with water first. Then spray the powder after the surface gets dry. By doing this, the powder’s killing
effect will be better.


1. It is ready to be used immediately, and cannot be stored for long time after being diluted by water.
2. Wear a mask when the spraying position is high. Wash hands and face after use.
3. Store in cool, dry, and dark place. Keep away from children, food and animal feeds.
4. If swallowed by mistake, seek medical attention immediately for symptomatic treatment.
5. Be cautious to use in places with livestock and poultry. Do not pollute water sources, ponds, mulberry gardens or apiaries.

Water Emulsion

The product has peaceful smell. It can be used where there are pregnant
women and babies. Use with caution for allergic crowd. Using deionized
purified water, with water as the carrier, the emulsion is gentle and non-
irritating. It sprays water mist with light fragrance. No cleaning needed after
use. Feel the taste of nature. Can be sprayed to beds, sofa, wardrobe, plat
pots, and can be used in bathroom and other environments.

Effectively kill cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, ants, cents, psyllids and other pests.
It is recommended to adopt bathing method for dogs weighing less than 1 kg. After the bath, use the emulsion when the hair is dry.
Dilute the emulsion with 100 times of water, rub the pet on the hair, keep rubbing until the hair is slightly wet.

Attention for Family Use

1. Do not spray onto intimate apparels.
2. Use according to the actual situation of the pests. If there is uncertainty about the dosage, please consult our in-store customer service.
3. For hyper-allergic crowd, it is recommended to use a small amount of spray for skin allergy test first.
4. Use with caution for allergic patients. If allergic symptoms occur during use, stop using immediately.

Attention for Pet Use

1. Please don’t spray onto pet’s head, eyes, ears, mouth or nose.
2. For pets in pregnancy and lactation period, younger than 3 months, or lighter than 1 kg, the emulsion must be diluted with 100 times of water before used
in the pet’s bath.
3. For dogs with allergic physique, it is recommended to use a small amount of spray to do a skin allergy test before use.
4. It is recommended to adopt bathing method for feline pets.

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