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Can Termites Survive During the Cold Winter?

2 common inquiries among homeowners are whether termites perish in the winter and if they go dormant during this season. Below, find responses to these queries and other pertinent information about termites in households during the winter months.

Many pests are still active in winter. Most termites maintain their activity throughout the entire year. Consequently, residences frequently require termite treatment even in winter. However, the colder season alters the behavior of subterranean termite colonies. Typically, they migrate deeper underground seeking warmth to survive the cold. In regions with colder climates, signs of termite presence during winter may include wood damage or the existence of mud tubes.

termite control

How Do Termites Seek Food During Winter?

Termite species that typically move closer to the soil’s surface in warmer conditions tend to dig deeper tunnels in search of food during winter. They tend to avoid food sources that would necessitate venturing into the cold. The subterranean workers primarily forage closer to their nests during the cold season, continuing this activity through winter, albeit possibly with reduced intensity compared to warmer months.

Do Termites Lay Eggs During Winter?

In many regions, termite queens sustain a consistent egg-laying rate virtually year-round. Particularly in warmer southern climates, egg production remains continuous, albeit with seasonal fluctuations. The total quantity of eggs produced varies among species and the age of individual queens. In regions with more temperate climates and colder winters, egg production might cease entirely during the cold periods.

termite control

Are Termites Active in Homes During Winter?

Yes, encountering termites in a household during winter is plausible and not uncommon. Certain invasive species, such as dry wood and subterranean termites, which are less affected by cold temperatures, can remain active throughout the year. If a termite infestation has established itself within the secure shelter of a home’s walls and foundation, thriving on the ample wooden structure, it can persist through winter.

How to Detect Active Termites in Your House

Termites are responsible for causing approximately $5 billion in property damage annually in the United States, typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance. Thus, proactive termite control is crucial. Early signs of termite presence encompass pencil-shaped mud tubes for shelter, blistering across wood floors resembling water damage due to termite burrowing, long grooves on wood surfaces from termite chewing, discarded wings near entry points left by swarming termites, and excrement resembling sawdust expelled by dry wood termites to clean their tunnels.

Even in the absence of visible signs of termites, they might still be causing damage unnoticed until substantial harm has been done. This underscores the importance of proactive termite control measures. It is suggested that you consult a termite control specialist from Safe-Killer for guidance.

termite control

How to Eliminate Termites in Winter?

A proficient termite specialist from Safe-Killer, specializing in termite control, can conduct a comprehensive inspection of your residence and identify active or previously active termite colonies at any time of the year. They will devise the most suitable plan to eradicate your termite infestation based on your specific circumstances.

For optimal outcomes, the termite extermination plan will be tailored to your home’s unique situation. The most effective approach to eliminate termites hinges on your house’s structural design and the extent of the termite infestation. Hence, Safe-Killer’s termite control experts will devise a customized treatment strategy for eradicating termites from your residence.

Start Winter-Time Treatment for Termites in Your Home

Safe-Killer offers highly effective, child-safe, pet-safe, and eco-friendly termite control products to customers all over the world. It also provides affordable solutions including Safe Insect Repellents, Bug Zappers & Light Traps, Yellow Sticky Glue Traps, Humane & Live Animal Traps, Reusable Ranch Fly Traps and Propane Bird Cannons.

Work with Safe-Killer today and start keeping pest problems out of your home.

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