trapping fruit flies
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Eliminating Tiny Pests: Effective Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Tiny invaders known as fruit flies can be found invading your personal space without a care. They hover over your food, occasionally making an unwelcome dip into it, and flutter around your face, exploring any space at their whim. While these pests are harmless, their constant presence in your home can be a significant annoyance.

Reclaim your living space and food from these bothersome bugs. Check out the information below for useful tips on killing or trapping fruit flies and restoring peace to your home.

trapping fruit flies

Places where Fruit Flies Come

Fruit flies have a penchant for fruit, yet their attractions extend beyond just that.

  • Produce. Fruit flies have a preference for fruits and vegetables, potentially feeding on anything left exposed in your surroundings.
  • House plants. House plants provide an ideal environment for fruit flies to nest and feed, with their moist soil serving as a source of sustenance for these pests.
  • Sewer drains. Fruit flies may establish nests within your drains, particularly in areas with clogs or trapped hair.

While fruit flies might seem to materialize out of nowhere, they could be actively constructing nests in your home and laying eggs. Address the issue promptly to prevent them from proliferating and taking control.

trapping fruit flies

Strategies for an Effective Control of Fruit Flies

While DIY pest control measures can provide assistance in trapping fruit flies, a substantial infestation may require professional assistance. If you find yourself dealing with a significant problem, consider reaching out to Safe-Killer for effective pest control. Follow the steps below to kill or trap fruit flies.

  1. Discard any old, moldy, or soft fruits and vegetables displayed on your countertops. For recently purchased fresh produce, wash it thoroughly and store it in the refrigerator until the pest issue is resolved. Ensure the disposed old fruits and vegetables are securely bagged and promptly removed from your home, avoiding extended periods in your garbage.
  2. Move indoor plants outdoors until the fruit fly issue is resolved, or consider using bug spray on the plants to eliminate these pests. Alternatively, adopt a natural method by creating a solution of apple cider vinegar, a drop of dish soap, and water in a glass jar or container. Position the container near or inside the plant to attract and eliminate the fruit flies. Replace the mixture with fresh ingredients every few days for continued effectiveness.
  3. Employ fly tape strategically throughout your home to capture visible pests, particularly in areas like bathrooms or the kitchen where fruit flies are commonly observed in abundance.
  4. To eliminate flies nesting in the drains throughout your home, consider the following steps. Pour approximately a gallon of boiling water down the drain to exterminate the pests and clear any debris obstructing the drain. Alternatively, slowly pour bleach around the sides of the drain, targeting common locations where the flies gather. Employ a commercial drain-clearing cleaner to eliminate any substances inside the drain. Ensure you apply the chosen method to all drains in your home for comprehensive effectiveness.
  5. You can also use a Hanging Fly Trap to physically trap fruit flies. The use of this physical measure also involves no use of harmful chemicals, which is a better choice for indoor environments.

Solve Fly Problem with Safe-Killer

Not just fruit flies, common flies in general often cause trouble to family life during the hot season. They will fly around and spread bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms through contact with various items.

Managing fruit flies requires vigilance and precautions throughout your home until you successfully eliminate these persistent pests. Take preventive measures by avoiding leaving food out to discourage their presence, and promptly deal with any flies you encounter. If challenges persist with these tiny pests, seek assistance from Safe-Killer for effective solutions.

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