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Does A Propane Bird Cannon Work?

Birds have a tendency to venture into areas where their presence can result in significant losses in terms of time and resources. Additionally, their presence can pose risks not only to the birds themselves but also to humans.

The voracious appetite of a large starling flock can lead to the consumption of up to 1 ton of blueberries within a mere 10-day period. The environmental hazards stemming from exposure to hazardous chemicals present in tailings ponds pose a significant threat, both environmentally and financially, to your organization. Moreover, the substantial weight of a 4 kg Canada goose has the potential to result in catastrophic airplane crashes.

propane bird cannon

Is it possible to mitigate these risks by utilizing an affordable propane bird canon?

Absolutely! It has been well-established that birds are frightened by loud noises. Taking inspiration from the traditional Japanese Shishi-odoshi, which uses a swinging bamboo arm to strike a rock and deter birds from gardens, we have enhanced this concept by creating propane bird cannons that produce powerful 120 dB explosions. This approach has gained widespread recognition and is employed to safeguard airplane passengers at major airports worldwide, using devices such as propane bird cannons.

Propane bird cannons operate through two distinct mechanisms. The first and most potent is the fear or startle reaction. Many bird species have encountered hunting pressure and developed an association between the sound of a shotgun and imminent danger. Even if they have not encountered hunters before, the loud and unnatural noise produced by a cannon detonation is sufficient to startle birds, causing them to flee the area. While the fear reaction is effective over a wider range, the sudden blasts from a propane bird cannon also continuously disrupt their senses, leading to a state of heightened alertness and making them more vulnerable to other scare tactics.

Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that wildlife control is not a simple task with a guaranteed solution. The fear and disruption caused by a propane bird cannon must outweigh the attractiveness of the factors drawing birds to the area. Similar to how antelopes in the Savannah may brave the dangers posed by lions to access fresh water, birds will exhibit greater resistance to deterrents if they require the food or shelter present within your controlled area.

propane bird cannon

These three techniques have been validated to enhance the effectiveness of propane bird cannons:

1. Change the Location

To maximize effectiveness, it is crucial to adopt a varied approach and prevent birds from becoming accustomed to the noise produced by propane bird cannons. Regularly relocating the cannons is essential, especially when bird pressure is high, with recommended movements every 2-3 days during periods of heaviest pressure. Additionally, disguising the cannon through camouflage paint or covers will help avoid birds associating the sound with a fixed source.

2. Apply On-Demand Activation

Utilizing on-demand activation is crucial to ensure that propane bird cannons are triggered only when they can have the maximum impact. A precisely timed cannon blast positioned right beside a flock of European Starlings will have a more significant effect compared to frequent detonations occurring at a greater distance. The employment of features such as Push-Button control and radio-controlled cannon upgrades proves particularly effective in achieving this goal.

3. Combining with Other Tools

Propane bird cannons serve as the foundation for highly effective bird control programs. By incorporating additional effects, the overall effectiveness of your program can be enhanced, effectively eliminating bird habitation issues. Birds struggle to process multiple threats occurring simultaneously in the same area, making it challenging for them to habituate to the deterrents. Combining propane bird cannons with other products like pyrotechnic scare cartridges or integrating falconry techniques convinces birds that there are consequences to propane blasts. This ensures that the propane blasts continue to be effective even when other deterrents are not utilized.

propane bird cannon

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Propane bird cannons offer an effective solution for deterring unwanted birds from your target area. However, their efficiency can be further enhanced by utilizing a combination of different bird control products and implementing a strategic deterrent regimen. It is crucial to prevent birds from becoming accustomed to the deterrents by regularly varying the methods employed. By using a system of complementary bird control products and maintaining unpredictability in your deterrent approach, you can maximize the effectiveness of your bird control efforts.

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