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Fall Pest Control

Fall is a charming season. People will find relief from the heat and humidity of summer. The leaves of many trees begin to change and take on beautiful colors. Fall is a harvest season in rural areas. People load trucks with grain. When fall comes every year, some of the summer pests seem to have disappeared. But at the same time, many other pests will appear. So, fall pest control is also an important task. Common fall pests include ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, rodents and so on. Although they belong to different types of pests, the main reason for their appearance in fall will be the same. Thai is to find food, water or a suitable place to live when winter comes.



A lot of people think ants are just a summer problem, but they’re not. They are able to interrupt our lives throughout the year. So, there should be attention paid to ants for your fall pest control. They are so small that you tend not to notice their presence in the daily life. There are many types of ants in the US, including pharaoh’s ants, ghost ants, fire ants, carpenter ants, pavement ants, bulldog ants and so on. To prevent the invasion of these small but large groups of insects, you need to seal all small crevices in your home. It is also needed to clean the floors and counters regularly and avoid unsealed food in the house. Potential ant nesting areas outside the house and visible ant entrances on the ceiling of the house need to be treated to prevent ant invasion.

A Bed Bug

Bed Bugs

The widespread presence of bed bugs has been a major pest problem in countries such as the United States, Europe, Australia, etc. Bed bugs can reproduce very quickly and therefore can cause problems in a home or hotel environment in a short period of time. An adult female bed bug is estimated to lay an average of one egg per day. A single bed bug can lay more than 200 eggs in total in its lifetime. And they tend to lay their eggs close to people so that they can feed on human blood easily in the future. They are almost everywhere. Whether in low-income areas, high-end stores, luxury resorts, luxury homes or high-end gyms, they can be found almost everywhere. They also may stay in suitcases, clothes and even purses. Bed bugs suck blood more seriously than mosquitoes do. They have two sucking mouthparts. One mouthpart releases anti-clotting substances and narcotic substances when the other mouthpart sucks blood. Bed bug bites leave a much larger area of redness than mosquito bites because the two wounds are so close. Plus, they also leave obvious marks on the sheets and mattresses to show their presence.



Cockroaches have been called god’s most disgusting and despised creature. Although they are extremely hardy creatures, they also tend to move indoors when fall comes and the weather gets cold. The best strategy for dealing with cockroaches is to take some initiative measures. We can avoid providing hiding places for them by reducing the possibility of their access to food and water. Also, the cleaning of debris can also do that. Besides human food, cockroaches do not refuse any pet food either. Therefore, make sure that all pet food is stored in containers to avoid cockroach contact. They move quickly and often make use of their very high crawling speed to avoid human sight. So if one or two cockroaches are found in a home, it suggests that their actual population will be much larger. Researches have shown that cockroaches can spread more than 30 types of dangerous bacteria. They can even cause asthma attacks in children. Therefore, a comprehensive fall pest control surely involves the elimination of cockroaches.

A Flea


Fleas are common parasites that commonly found on cats and dogs. Flea bites can cause an extremely itchy condition called flea atopic dermatitis. The itching caused by fleas can further lead to severe scrapes that can damage the skin. Flea bites can also spread parasites and even cause anemia. Hot summer days are not the best time for fleas to find their hosts. While in the fall, they will become quite active. They hide in plies of leaves of grass and will come out to find their hosts by their sensitivity to temperature changes. As fall comes, the temperature drops. At this point, the body temperature of pets like cats and dogs is warmer than the air. That’s why cats and dogs will be the easy targets for fleas in the fall. In home environment, suitable indoor temperature and humidity conditions provide a better living environment for fleas. So, they can live in families all year round.



Rodents here mainly refer to mice. There is no need to further emphasize how terrible mouse problems are in the world any more. When fall comes, the flourishing season of mouse reproduction has also come. A pair of male and female mice are believed to be able to reproduce more than two hundred mice a year. Meanwhile, the need to reproduce and the drop in temperature also push mice to start looking for warm and food places to survive the coming cold season. Their come into homes mainly through various crevices or holes in corners or around the house. Some of them are big, while some are small. Some will be so small that you’ll be amazed at how small a crevice they can fit in. They may chew on electrical wires and could start a fire. They may bite all kinds of wooden structures. Worst of all, their presence can spread plague. For long history, it has a tremendous impact on human health.

The above are the main targets for pest control in fall. Different from the reason for summer pest control, lower temperature in fall may force some pests to change their original gathering places. Therefore, they may tend to move into indoor environment. Some pests may also change their living habits for the changed weather conditions. And indoor temperature and humidity will provide great living and breeding conditions for them. Therefore, it is quite necessary to do the fall pest control work in advance. By doing this, these pests can be effectively killed or controlled before they come into our homes. And we stand beside you to do this. Please read on to find who we are.

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