importing insecticides from China
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General Process for Importing Insecticides from China

Compared with common commodities, insecticides are relatively more special. Many countries have certain restrictive measures for the import and export of insecticides in both categories and quantities. China is the world’s second largest insecticide producer and a major exporter. In the international trade of insecticides, in order to ensure a smooth import process, it is necessary for the purchaser to get to know the procedures and relevant precautions before importing insecticides from China as well as the relevant regulations of the his own country on the import of insecticides. In this article, to help global purchasers in their purchase, we will introduce the general process for importing insecticides from China.

importing insecticides from China

1. The Right to Import Insecticides

Before importing insecticides from china, the purchasers should firstly make sure they are authorized to. Whether for insecticides or any other type of commodities, importers’ purchase activity from abroad must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the importing country. Especially for commodities like insecticides, there are different regulations to follow in different countries. So, even before the importing is started, the purchaser should firstly learn about these information from relevant departments or reliable channels. The purchaser need to make sure whether they are qualified to import insecticides from abroad, whether they need to apply for approval of certain insecticide, and whether they need to prepare relevant documents or certificates.

Insecticides imported from China are often subject to complex customs clearance operations. To avoid the importer’s trouble caused by the complex operation process, we can make the process easier with our experience in this aspect. We can make the import process go more efficiently and smoothly.

2. Determine the Insecticides and their Form

Targeting different types of pests, there are a wide variety types of insecticides. Insecticides are also in multiple forms including powder, wettable powder, emulsion, suspending agent, water emulsion, microemulsion, granules and others. Even for the same insecticide product, different brands may have differentiated packaging methods and composition proportions. When making the purchase, the purchaser should consider whether what will be purchased are suitable for local pests and users’ generally accepted application method.

importing insecticides from China

3. Determine a Supplier for Cooperation

After determining the insecticides to import, the next step will be to determine a supplier for cooperation. It requires a lot of communication to get to know a supplier. Especially for foreign trade, importers and exporters are often far apart. Field trips are unrealistic. Therefore, a good suggestion is that the purchaser can find a local sourcing agent who knows about both the products and the supplier. With the assistance from a sourcing agent, the purchaser can easily learn about the supplier’s qualification, production capacity, whether product customization is available and other details. With a sourcing agent’s help, many of the work that used to require on-the-spot knowledge will become easier. For the supplier, whether it is a good partner is also measured from many aspects, such as whether the price provided is competitive, whether the service is efficient, whether quality consistency can be promised and whether a certain level of discount can be provided for a bulk purchase. A qualified sourcing agent can minimize the difficulty for a foreign purchaser in the process of importing insecticides from China.

4. Formula and Packaging of the Insecticides

There are corresponding regulations on the formulation and packaging of pesticide products in many countries. When doing the import of a certain insecticide, the purchaser should be clear about whether the formula of the insecticide meets the import requirements in his country. In addition, purchasers of insecticides make the import for later sale, not for direct use. Therefore, for how to package the products, the purchaser and the supplier should make a clear agreement. For example, related details for the packaging of the insecticides may include the unit weight or capacity of the product, whether the packages need to be labeled or left blank, the material, size, text information of the label should be set with the product supplier before placing the order.

importing insecticides from China

5. Business Negotiation and Payment

Negotiation is important in a foreign trade process. In the negotiation, the purchaser and the supplier can further determine other details in the transaction process such as the price, how to make the payment, etc. Both parties should also consider whether the price of the product is reasonable, entering into and carefully examining the contract or agreement, how to communicate, how to update information and details about how to make the payment. When considering the price, consideration should also be given to the quality of products and services from the supplier. For details in the payment, it is often necessary to determine the time and method of payment, the amount of the prepaid deposit and balance payment.

importing insecticides from China

6. Arrangement of Shipping

In the daily operation of international trade, both sides of the transaction tend to choose freight forwarders to undertake the transportation of orders. After the negotiation on the order is completed, the next step is to find a forwarder and arrange the shipment. The common freight means include shipping, air freight, railway, road transportation, etc., in which the transportation of most of the cargo are fulfilled by sea. When considering importing insecticides from China, transportation by shipping is also a good choice. It has relatively the lowest freight costs. Also, it will not be limited by road conditions. But there are also disadvantages. It will be restricted by the condition of seaports. Its transportation cycle can be quite long and it cannot achieve a door-to-door transportation like vehicles. For the transportation of the order, the purchaser shall reach an agreement with the supplier so that the supplier can arrange shipment as required and the order can arrive on time.

importing insecticides from China

7. Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is an important link in the later stage of foreign trade process. In this regard, the purchaser can either clear the customs by himself or find an agent who can help solve the customs problem.

Customs clearance involves the calculation of customs duties and value-added taxes. Different countries have different regulations on this. When calculating the tax, be aware of relevant laws so as to achieve an accurate calculation. In addition, the required customs clearance documents should be prepared in accordance with the laws and regulations. Take the United States as an example, US Customs and Border Protection will prohibit a purchaser from importing insecticides without providing a completed NOA (notice of arrival). In the notice of arrival, the purchaser should clearly provide the name of the insecticides to import, the quantity, the arrival date and where the product are ready for inspection. And, later, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will check the shipment for compliance with related laws.

8. Receipt of the Order

After the customs clearance is completed, the customs will release the order. At this point, the purchaser can obtain the order according to the agreement. After the receipt, the purchaser should also keep in touch with the supplier. Timely communication can help solve some potential problems in a timely manner when encountering relevant problems.

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