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How Solar Bug Zapper Can Help You Get Rid of Bug Problem

You need to control your bug problem, but you don’t want to use insecticides or chemicals. After researching about various options, you wonder if solar bug zapper is beneficial.

The solar bug zapper works without batteries or plugging in electricity because the ultraviolet light and the electrified mesh are powered by a solar panel that is mounted on top. There is no need to burn chemical-based incense or oil-based incense for the solar bug zapper to work. This is a sustainable way for you to get rid of insects in your yard without the continuing maintenance sometimes associated with other products.

Solar Bug Zappers Vs Battery-Powered Bug Zappers

We’ve put together some points to show the advantages and disadvantages of each of these bug zappers.

Solar Bug Zapper


No replacing batteries
No energy costs
Can be placed anywhere with sun
No harmful chemicals


Requires sunlight to charge
Lasts up to 8 hours on one charge

solar bug zapper

Battery Powered Bug Zapper


Does not need direct sunlight
No harmful chemicals
Can be placed anywhere


Requires changing batteries

Important Things to Know About Solar Bug Zapper

A few key things are worth considering before you buy a bug zapper if you want to find one that is effective.


You need to choose a bug zapper that has enough power to kill the bugs you are targeting, as not all of them emit the same amount of power. It might be a good idea to pick a bug zapper with better power if you live near a lake, or if there is a high bug population in a particular area.

If you use an electrified grid with a higher voltage, you will have to use more power, so make sure to check the battery life before using, especially if the voltage is higher.

solar bug zapper


The main thing to look for in a bug zapper is to ensure that the electrified grid is surrounded by multiple guards. The guards around a zapper need to be designed in such a way that little fingers and paws cannot get through them if there are children or pets close to it. Look for models made with sturdy materials that will not crack or split if dropped.

Choose zappers you can hang up instead of stake-mounted or table-top models if you have young children around the house. Even with the safest of zapper designs, the only way to guarantee the safety of zappers is to keep them out of reach as much as possible. In any case, manufacturers usually recommend mounting your zapper at least three to five feet off the ground, so this may be the safest and most effective solution.


You don’t have to worry about pesky bugs ruining your picnics and cookouts when you have a good quality solar bug zapper. These devices allow you to remove insects safely and without using chemicals. You can use the most user-friendly and environmentally friendly bug zapper by choosing a solar-powered bug zapper.

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