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What You Should Know about Thermal Fogging Machine and Why They are Welcomed in Agriculture

The COVID-19 pandemic has established a new standard of hygiene and sanitation, creating a new normal. To meet this benchmark, various proven techniques and methods have been utilized, one of which is the widely popular fogging technique.

Fogging has been a long-standing practice in agriculture. The agricultural industry is of utmost importance in the US, producing a variety of crops such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and cash crops. In order to ensure and boost the productivity of farm produce, safeguarding the health and protection of crops is a top priority.

Cambridge University Press reports that from 2001-2003, the potential global loss of crops due to pests ranged from approximately 50% in wheat production to over 80% in cotton production. This pest damage results in significant losses for the agricultural sector, which could be prevented by effectively eradicating pests. As a result, protecting crops from pests is crucial for the agricultural industry.

thermal fogging machine

Fogging as an Effective Solution for Agriculture

Fogging is a promising method that is widely recognized for its effectiveness in controlling pests, pathogens, and microbes, including the coronavirus. This technique involves converting fertilizer or pesticide, typically in liquid or solution form, into vapor and dispersing it into the air. The dispersed vapor then creates a fog, hence the term ‘fogging’.

The fog produced by this method eradicates microbes and pests as it spreads and eventually settles. One of the major benefits of using fogging is that the thermal fogging machines have a broad coverage area, making them particularly useful for outdoor ranches and farms. Additionally, the fog can effectively reach all corners of indoor and greenhouse farming spaces. However, thermal fogging has its own drawbacks.

Fogging is widely recognized by experts as one of the most efficient and effective methods for spraying pesticides and fertilizers, particularly when it comes to covering large farms. Thermal fogging machines are the preferred choice for applying pesticides or fertilizers due to their proven track record of achieving positive results.

When selecting a thermal fogging machine, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the specific type of chemical being used for fogging. In the case of thermal fogging, it is essential to reach the optimal temperature, regardless of the type of chemical being used. Failure to achieve the correct temperature can result in the pesticide or fertilizer dripping off, rendering the fogging technique ineffective.

thermal fogging machine

Fogging’s Benefits in Agriculture

Fogging is the ideal option for large farms, as well as hard-to-reach areas. An advantage of fogging in outdoor spaces is that the fog can be visibly observed and its direction can be controlled. Other methods often overlook tree tops and long grass, which is not the case with fogging.

The agricultural sector typically encompasses vast ranches, farms, and barns. The use of propane bird cannons can repel the birds by their loud sound. But it still faces the challenge to safeguard against insects and microbes. To eliminate their affect, fogging is the preferred choice for effective protection in these situations as other methods often require more time, labor, and expenses.

Fogging is also applicable in warehouses and barns, with the main advantage being its ability to reach inaccessible areas that are typically unreachable with other methods. Fogging is utilized in warehouses and barns for disinfection and protection against insects and pathogens.

Disinfecting barns and warehouses prior to storing farm produce is crucial to prevent insects and pests from thriving in the storage environment. Fogging plays a significant role in ensuring the safe storage of farm produce by effectively disinfecting these spaces.

Fogging is utilized in greenhouses for the process of humidification, which is aimed at minimizing the formation of mold and mildew. Fogging is effective in killing airborne spores, thereby reducing their growth rate.

thermal fogging machine
worker using fogging machine spraying chemical to eliminate mosquitoes and prevent dengue fever

Best Fogging Machine for Agriculture

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) thermal fogging machines are a commonly used type of thermal fogging machine in agriculture. These machines utilize an antimicrobial liquid solution for effectively eradicating microbes.

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) thermal fogging machines operate by utilizing large volumes of air at low pressure to convert the liquid solution into droplets. These droplets formed by ULV, which stands for Ultra Low Volume, are minuscule particles (ranging from 1–150 μm) that are usually not visible to the naked eye.

Ranch owners and farmers can utilize ULV thermal fogging machines to apply pesticides, fertilizers, and disinfectants with great efficiency and effectiveness. These machines disperse the chemicals quickly and thoroughly, ensuring that every corner of the farm is reached.

ULV thermal fogging machines are essential in disinfecting barns and warehouses as they can effectively reach and disinfect cracks and crevices. These machines are also highly regarded for insect control purposes.

Advantages of ULV Thermal Fogging Machine

1. Using concentrated chemicals can enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

2. The noise level is low.

3. The fog droplets produced by the thermal fogging machine are very small, which reduces the potential harm to humans.

4. The ULV thermal fogging machine is cost-effective, making it an affordable option for farmers and ranch owners.

Fogging with pesticides and fungicides is a proven effective solution for protecting the agriculture sector from harmful fungi and pests. The use of ULV thermal fogging machines is particularly advantageous due to their low negative impact on humans and high efficiency in killing microbes. Fogging is widely employed in farms, ranches, barns, and warehouses as it covers large areas quickly and effectively, particularly in hard-to-reach areas.

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