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Best Indoor Ant Killer Products in 2022

The number of ants on Earth outnumbers humans.  

There are probably 20,000 species of ants on this planet today, more than 165 million years after early ant species thrived. Ants are not only small, ubiquitous, and innumerable, but they are also survivor species.

The short answer is that ants are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with them daily. It is possible to eliminate ants from your home, business, store, or other location by taking a few basic precautionary measures and maintaining some ant-controlling products on hand.

You should remove everything that attracts ants in the first place to get rid of them. In order to keep your kitchen food fresh, make sure that you seal your food properly, clean the counters, shelves, and drawers, and dispose of food no longer than a day after it is purchased. You should ensure your home (or other property) has an effective seal around windows, doors, and floors.

Insects can and will use any possible entry point if they are attracted by the scent of something edible. So the best approach to keeping insects away is to remove the attraction and block the way.

Getting rid of ants on your property is as simple as choosing between two approaches: deterrence and destruction. In today’s selection, we feature several products intended to deter insects from entering your home or even killing them on the spot.

best indoor ant killer

What to Consider Before Buying Indoor Ant Killer?

There are many different type ant killers available today, and it can be hard to identify best indoor ant killer. To make the right decision for your household, you need to consider some factors.

How Effective is that Product Against Queens and Colonies?

Best indoor ant killer is the one that can kill the entire colony, including the queen, if you have an ant infestation.

An ant bait-based insecticide uses boric acid mixed with sugar solutions to fool the ants into thinking it is food. Ants carry the baits to their nests and spread it to their colony.

Foggers and sprays kill all ants that come in contact with them; however, they do not affect those that are not in contact.

Foggers and aerosols cannot completely exterminate ant populations; however, they can significantly reduce ant populations in your home.

How Long Does It Take to Start Killing Ants?

One of the most important considerations to make is the duration of time it will take to thoroughly eradicate all the ants. Aerosols, sprays and foggers are effective instantly, since they are applied directly to live ants.

Using these products will quickly reduce ant numbers in your household and provide you with some quick relief. Some eliminate the ants by effectively drowning them, while others contain essential oils or more powerful ingredients to do the job.

Although bait-type ant killers may take longer to work due to their slow-acting poison, they will still eventually kill the entire colony if they are properly positioned. These traps take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to completely eliminate the infestation.

How Easy is that Product to Use?

Typically, spray ant killers require shaking thoroughly before use. Some indoor ant killers come ready-to-use while others need to be activated.

Additionally, other equipment like bait ant killers tend to be simple to use. They usually do not need any preparation, and simply need to be placed near the ant colony.

The use of ant killers can be complicated, as for instance, concentrated liquid pesticides must be diluted with water before use. Further, trap-type ant killer products must be set up, baited, and placed correctly before being used, which also affects the ease of use.

best indoor ant killer

Does the Product Have Fumes or Leave Odor?

Aerosols and sprays may have a strong scent if they’re made with artificial ingredients, so keep this in mind when shopping for indoor ant killers. Sprays can leave a residue for a long time, but aerosols may not.

There are many bait ant killers available today that are odorless, since the pesticide is packaged (with only a few small openings for the ants to enter). Some bait traps, however, are exposed, and some pesticides need to be applied directly to floors or points of entry into the home.

How Safe Is the Product?

A pesticide’s safety and toxicity should be taken into consideration to choose the best indoor ant killer, especially when it is used inside the home. Using toxic products in the kitchen is not recommended due to its association with food preparation, but rather because it is one of the most common places where ant infestations occur.

It is important to keep rooms well aerated while and after you use aerosol killers, as they can be inhaled during and after use. This should be considered when comparing ant control options.

If children, pets, or plants are present in a home, the toxicity of any given ant killer is of particular importance. That said, baits based on boric acid are more suitable, since the mineral is natural and is not toxic. For homes with children and pets, baits that are used with traps make a good choice, since the casing prevents poison from being consumed by anything other than the pest being targeted.

Best Indoor Ant Killer Products

Ants will inevitably be a problem in the indoor environment. Here are some of the best indoor ant killer products to eliminate ants in indoor environments.

  1. 5% Bifenthrin Water Emulsion
  2. 15% lmidacloprid Suspending Agent
  3. Termite Powder
  4. Underground Termite Inducing and Killing Device
  5. Household Ant-killing Bait

These products will help you to keep your indoor spaces free from ant problems, both for prevention and removal.

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