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How to Safely Kill Ants ?

Ants are social insects that live in groups, and they are notorious insects. They cause billions of dollars of economic cost every year. Their obsession with our lives is constant. They may spread bacteria by biting, but usually only cause some physical discomfort. But if left untreated, their bites can sometimes cause certain allergic reactions, causing irritation and infection. But when they carry certain types of criteria or viruses, they will be the spreaders of certain types of deadly diseases. You can go to our blog article Hazards and Control of Mosquitoes to learn more about how mosquitoes may affect human health.

Although termites are called white ants by some people, they are not closely related to ants. The truth is that they are closely related to cockroaches. They are believed to have evolved from cockroaches 170 million years ago. Termites’ impact on human life is mainly reflected in the damage they can cause to our buildings, especially wooden houses. They are wood-destroying pests. Not only do they consume wood materials, but they can also affect the stability of a house’s infrastructure by burrowing the central part of the wood. In addition, termites also post great threat to crops and plantations.

Red imported fire ants are invasive species. They differ significantly from other ants in that they are much more aggressive. When they invade a home, they may cause damage to electrical appliances. If they build their nest under lawns, they can wreak the entire landscape of the yard. They may also bite the roots of plants and affect their normal growth. Red imported fire ants attract our attention because they are able to give venomous stings. They inject venom into the body of the sufferers when they sting. Such venom can soon cause body symptoms in which pain, swelling, redness and itching are the most common. No matter for human or other animal species, as long as they are sensitive to the venom, they may experience nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and even breathing difficulties. In severe cases, their stings can be life-threatening.

The presence of ants poses another problem to our daily life. Large numbers of ants in a home can attract spiders, in which there may be black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. Some bats may also come for their presence. For example, vampire bats, which eat insects, and Brazilian free-tailed bats can be drawn to homes by ants.

Our Ant Killers

Water Emulsion
This water emulsion is a great choice for ants killing and control for their safety, high efficiency, and a wide function range of other pests. The pyrethroids contained in the product are permethrin and cypermethrin, with their corresponding percentage both at 0.25%. In addition to ants, it can efficiently kill cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs and others. With deionized purified water used as carrier, it is mild and non-irritating in nature. So, it can be safely applied to any environments even with the presence of infants or pregnant women. It can be applied in different ways. It can be directly sprayed onto the bed, sofa, wardrobe and other furniture. It can also be used in the bathrooms. For use onto pets, it can be directly applied to their body through bath.

5% Bifenthrin Water Emulsion
This product contains bifenthrin, which is a highly active ingredient recommended by the World Health Organization. The product contains bifenthrin with its percentage at 5% and adopts deionized water instead of organic solvents which is commonly used in traditional insecticides production. This improves the safety of the product in its transportation, storage and application. This water emulsion is the nemesis of termites. It makes use of the trophallaxis of the termite species to achieve the killing of the whole nest of termites. They are easy to use, which can be applied for both indoor and outdoor termite killing and prevention. This 5% Bifenthrin Water Emulsion is highly efficient in the elimination of dampwood termites, drywood termites, and subterranean termites in both soil and wood. Moreover, their effect can last for long period of time, which can promise the long-term killing and prevention of multiple species of termites.

Termite Powder
The main ingredients of this Termite Powder is cypermethrin with its percentage at 4.5%, which is a highly effective neurotoxin for termites. The product is stable in nature, with both contact poisoning and stomach poisoning functions. Similar to the 5% Bifenthrin Water Emulsion, the formulation of this product also makes use of trophallaxis of the termite species to achieve the killing of the whole nest of termites. It is easy to use. Just spray the product through holes or cracks of the wood into the termite colony. The termites with powder on their bodies will become the disseminators of the ingredient of the product. The ingredient will then be quickly spread to the whole nest so as to achieve the quick elimination of the whole nest of termites.

15% Imidacloprid Suspending Agent
The main ingredient of this suspending agent is imidacloprid with its percentage at 15%. Imidacloprid can function through contact poisoning, stomach poisoning and internal absorption. Imidacloprid can kill pests by blocking the normal conduction of their central nervous system. Its advantages also lie in the long-lasting efficacy and the effective inhibition of pests’ resistance. The product adopts water as the carrier, with no chemical solvents used. So it has less irritation to human eyes and skin, as well as less impact to the environment. For its mild and non-irritating nature, it can be safely applied to any environments even with the presence of infants or pregnant women. It is suitable for both the use within room space and the use onto furniture, clothing and even pets.

Household Ant-killing Bait (0.05% Indoxacarb)
The main ingredient of this ant-killing bait is indoxacarb with its percentage at 0.05%. It has an excellent killing effect on ants, termites and red imported fire ants. Its composition makes it attractive to all kinds of ants. When it is used, the worker ants carry the pellets back to the nest of the ants. When the pellets are eaten by a group of ants, the active ingredient within the bait will soon make them stop eating. And they will gradually die in the following 1-4 weeks. Taking advantage of the trophallaxis of the termite species, this household ant-killing bait can realize the elimination of the whole nest of ants. It can be used in grass clusters, ridges, dams, green belts, parks, orchards and other environments.

A Brief Introduction of Indoxacarb

The active ingredients in the above ant killers include pyrethroids, imidacloprid and indoxacarb. The intro of pyrethroids and imidacloprid has been covered in How to Safely Kill Mosquitoes. Next, let’s move on to indoxacarb.

Indoxacarb is the first commercialized sodium channel blocking insecticide ingredient. It is capable of both contact and stomach poisoning. The main characteristics of indoxacarb lie in its safety, broad spectrum, low risk and environmental friendliness. After it is applied to pests, it has a strong blocking capability on the sodium channels in pests’ nerve cells. The nerve impulse transmission in the infected pests will then be blocked. The blocked nerve impulse transmission will then paralyze their feeding organs. And in the end, the pests will not be able to eat properly and die. When an insecticide contained indoxacarb is applied, it will be highly attractive to lure the pests to eat the bait. The insecticide will easily be eaten and the ingredient within the bait will then be passed on to other individuals. Indoxacarb can be used in combination with mamectin and averamycin to enlarge the insecticidal range without causing any adverse reactions. More than that, indoxacarb will not produce cross resistance when it is used with organophosphorus, carbamate and pyrethroid insecticides products.

Indoxacarb does have certain defects. The most known one is that it acts relatively slowly. When it is applied to pests, it may take days or even weeks to before the pests die. This is acceptable for a small-scale pest outbreak. But for large-scale pest problem, the long time required for the ingredient to work will make it impossible to be able to show a significant killing effect in the short term. Therefore, the insecticide products with indoxacarb can be used together with other insecticide ingredients to achieve the best pest elimination effect in severe pest outbreak situations.

About Safe-killer

Safe-killer is a professional manufacturer and supplier of insecticides and pest control equipment. It integrates research, development, production and international trade. Our product development aims at efficiency, environmental protection, safety and ease of use. Our insecticide products contain pyrethroids, imidacloprid, and indoxacarb. Pyrethroids such as tetramethrin, permethrin and bifenthrin are widely used in our products, as well as high efficiency and low toxicity insecticides such as Imidacloprid and Indoxacarb. They are effective in killing and controlling pests in many indoor and outdoor environments such as homes, offices, restaurants, food processing enterprises, building facilities and gardens. Our pest control equipment makes full use of solar energy, ultraviolet, high-frequency current and other methods to attract, kill and centrally dispose pests in a variety of environments. They include Bug Zappers & Light Traps, Yellow Sticky Glue Traps, Humane & Live Animal Traps, and Reusable Ranch Fly Traps. These products can be widely used for pest killing and control in agriculture, forestry, vegetable planting, tobacco, storage, brewing, garden, orchard, urban greening, aquaculture and other industries and fields.

We have a production factory with modern and multi-functional production line with a history over 30 years. We can ensure the high quality of our products through a strict quality control system. In addition, our self-owned production factory also helps to make our products more competitive at a better pricing level. In recent years, our products have been well received by more and more foreign purchasers. We pay close attention to pest situations and the emergence of new pest species around the world. By enriching our product range with our technical strength, we have continuously been providing high-quality, efficient and safe pest killing solutions to purchasers around the world. In the future, more insecticide products and pest control equipment will be online.

If you are in the purchase of insecticides or pest control equipment, please visit to browse our products. You can also consult our Customer Service for more information about certain insecticide or equipment. We hope that we can establish a cooperative relationship with you and become your product supplier.

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