indoor insecticides
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How to Choose Indoor Insecticides

For any season of the year, a household can have certain kinds of pest problems. For example, ants, mosquitoes and termites will be very active in spring and summer. In fall and winter, problems of mice and cockroaches will emerge. Certain pest problem will exist all year round, such as bed bugs. They are probably hiding in some corners of your home for long time, but you can hardly see them. Indoor insecticides have long been an indispensable solution to pest problems. Especially in recent decades, with the advancement of technology, the trend of Insecticide products, especially those for household use, has been towards high efficiency, low toxicity and ease of use. New insecticide technology has greatly reduced their potential impacts on people or pets when they are for indoor use.

indoor insecticides

When choosing indoor insecticide products , the wisest approach is to take into account the species of the pest infestation, how terrible the infestation is and location of the infestation before making a choice. Since there is no single indoor insecticide that can solve all pest problems, what we can do is to choose the insecticide that specifically target one or several pest types. The Insecticidal Bait Powder and Water Emulsion made by our company have excellent killing effect against mosquitoes, cockroaches and fleas. We have a wide range of termite killing and control products. There are 5% Bifenthrin Water Emulsion, 15% Imidacloprid Suspending Agent, and Termite Powder for indoor use. We also provide Underground Termite Inducing and Killing Devices for out door use.

Different Forms of Insecticides

In the market today, indoor insecticides are commonly available in the forms of powder, spray, glue bait, water emulsion, etc. Different forms of insecticides have their own advantages and disadvantages for different pest problems and use environments.

Powder products are suitable for use in wall, floor, ceiling and small gaps at home. Spray products can be used around trash cans, indoor plants, electrical appliances and any vertical surfaces. Glue Bait products are suitable for use in all kinds of cracks. Water emulsions, on the other hand, can be diluted and sprayed into a variety of places, just like spray products. Before using every kind of indoor insecticide product, be sure to read their instructions carefully for effectiveness and safety of use. With this in mind, insecticide users can choose the most appropriate product and application method for their infestation situation. Our pest control products are available in all of the above forms, and you can learn more about them by visiting

indoor insecticides

Chemical Synthetic Insecticides and Environmentally Friendly Insecticides

To achieve the purpose of pest killing and prevention, all indoor insecticides must contain certain or some kinds of chemical or natural ingredients. The effectiveness and safety of insecticides are also determined by these ingredients.

In order to kill a variety of pests, many chemical synthetic insecticides in the past use a wide range of chemical ingredients to achieve their broad-spectrum insecticidal effects. While they are designed to kill many kinds of pests, they are also made harmful to the health of people and household pets. Therefore, they are not suitable for indoor use. The best way to use indoor insecticides is to find out what kind of pest problem you have and then make the right choice accordingly.

Instead of using chemical synthetic insecticides that contain a variety of chemicals, environmentally friendly insecticide products, which are less toxic, are made primarily with active chemicals extracted from plants. They kill and control pests mainly by interfering with their normal reproduction, paralyzing their nerves and muscles, and destroying their physiological and biochemical states. The advantage of these insecticides is that they are less toxic than chemical synthetic insecticides, but their effectiveness is still kept. So, they are safer choices for use at home.

Effectiveness of Insecticides

When effectiveness is talked here, it has two meanings. The first is the length of time that the effectiveness of the indoor insecticides can be maintained after used. The second is that during the use of insecticide products, due to the feeding by pests, the insecticide should be kept sufficient for the general pest killing purpose. Depending on their composition or usage, different insecticide products may have different expiration time. Sprays, for example, are usually effective only before they get dry. Bait insecticide products will decrease with the gradual feeding of pests. So, besides its effectiveness that should be considered, it is also necessary to decide whether a replenishment is needed according to the pest situation.

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