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What We Can Do for Your Insecticides Purchase

Compared with domestic trade, there are several differences in international trade. It can be summarized as the following points: First, since international trade involves at least two or even more countries, there will inevitably be differences or even conflicts in policies and laws of different countries. Secondly, the transaction amount of international trade will relatively be larger. The transportation distance of the goods, as well as the performance time of contract, will also be longer. Due to these factors, both parties have to bear greater risks. Thirdly, in international trade, in addition to the importer and exporter, the trade process will also involve transportation, insurance, banking, commodity inspection, customs, and other departments. Therefore, the international trade process will be complex. What’s more, insecticides do not belong to common goods. So, insecticides import will make the process even more complicated.


Safe-killer is an international trade company specialized in insecticide products. Here we have compiled a summary of the international insecticide purchasing process to show you what we can do in the process.

1. Insecticide Import Qualification

As long as you purchase goods from abroad, you will be an importer. Therefore, in the process of import and export of foreign trade, first you need to understand that different countries have different laws or regulations for insecticides. So, before you decide to import certain type of insecticide, you should refer to the related laws and regulations. When importing insecticides from China, sometimes you have to go through a long procedure and fill in a lot of documents. We are willing to provide you with necessary assistance to help you finish the procedure in this aspect.

2. Target the Insecticides You Need

There are so many kinds of insecticide products in market, and different products differ in their target pests and applications. In terms of pest types, you can inform us the common types of pests in the product sales area. This will help us to supply you with more targeted products. At the same time, since insecticides are different in forms and applications, the communication with you will provide assistance to your insecticide selection and purchase.

3. Determine Insecticide Dosage and Packing

For insecticides, we know the importance of their packing. When packing is mentioned, it means both single packing volume and packing methods. We will decide the single packing volume according to our purchasers’ request before packing. Also, for packing material, size, design of the products, we also need to keep in touch with our purchaser.

4. Transportation of the Insecticides

After the production of the ordered insecticide is completed, we will contact our purchaser and make the delivery according to the purchasing agreement. The transportation and insurance of the order will be implemented according to the terms in the agreement.

5. Receipt of the Insecticides

We will keep in touch with our purchaser during the insecticide transportation process. So, our purchaser can timely understand where the goods is. This is also better for the purchaser to arrange the receipt of the goods. It is hoped that our purchaser can inform us any trouble encountered in the process, so that we can solve the trouble in time. This is also valuable for the optimization of our service in the future.

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