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How to Safely Kill Fleas

Fleas are ectoparasites that commonly exist all over the world. Adult fleas are about 0.1-0.4 centimeter long. They suck blood from the hosts through their slender mouthparts. They have a single source of food, feeding only on the blood of mammals and birds. There are about 2,000 species of fleas, which are widely distributed in tropical, temperate and cold regions. The most common fleas are ctenocephalides felis, pulex irritans, echidnophaga gallinacea, ceratophyllus gallinae, etc. They are difficult to get rid of, with some species can survive for months in the freezing point without feeding.

A female flea has been estimated to lay up to 2,000 eggs during its life. These eggs will gradually hatch over 10 days. They can be spread into every corner the pet has been to by their scratching or other daily activities. They can be found on carpets, couches or beds, waiting for long time for a host to show up.

Flea infestation will probably cause severe skin irritation and severe itching. The most common sign of flea’s existence in pets is their frequent scratching of their bodies. But the seriousness of the matter is far from that. Fleas are important carriers of many kinds of severe diseases. They were the chief agents of the Black Death, which swept Europe in the Middle Ages and killed a quarter of the total population. In addition, fleas are effective carriers of plague. If rats were infected with bubonic plague, their fleas will become infected with the Yersinia pestis. When they wander to find food, there’s a chance they could spread the Yersinia pestis to human beings. There are over 100 species of fleas that can be infected with Yersinia pestis. Plague is widespread in hundreds of wild rodent species, sustained by fleas that live with these animals. In addition, fleas are the main carrier of murine (endemic) typhus. They are responsible for the maintenance and spread of many infectious diseases among rats, including tularemia and Russian Spring-summer encephalitis. For more details about fleas, please go to our Blog: A Brief Intro of Fleas and How to Get Rid of Them 

Next, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to fight fleas.

Common Ways to Control Fleas

If fleas are a problem in your home environment, it can take months to completely remove them. There are many ways to deal with fleas. Firstly, all pet products, such as bedding, carpets should be washed by hot water and soap. In addition to the washing, the heat of steam can also be a good kill for fleas. However, steam cleaning does not have much effect on flea eggs. Secondly, cleaning fleas can also be done with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum carpets, floors, furniture, and curtains in any area where fleas can lurk. Then remember to throw the vacuum bag directly into the dustbin outside. Then, you can reduce pet-to-pet transmission by bathing your pet regularly and controlling your pet’s activity area. Also, sprinkling some salt or baking soda on the carpet or furniture can also help. For environments outside of the house, cleaning the environment and mowing the lawn in a timely manner can avoid creating dark, damp places for fleas to enjoy.

The chemical treatment of fleas is also an effective solution for the killing and control of fleas. The safe use of pesticides can make the work easier and, at the same time, keep it safe. The use of low-toxicity, highly effective chemical insecticide products for fleas has its advantages in convenience, effectiveness and ease of control. Next, we will look at pyrethroids, which are a group of active ingredients, and our pyrethroid-containing flea control and prevention products.

About Pyrethroids

Some of our products will mainly be used indoors. So, in the development of our products, we focus our attention to the safety of our indoor pesticides. when we choose what will be contained in our products. Pyrethroids  are the active ingredients widely adopted in our flea control products. They are a group of active ingredients that are less toxic than conventional pesticides but still remain highly effective. The research and development of pyrethroids is derived from natural pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are found in the flowers, leaves and stems of pyrethrums and are naturally toxic to insects. Pyrethroids arise from the limited availability of natural pyrethrums. Through artificial synthesis, pyrethroids can not only realize the same efficient killing of pyrethrins to insects, but also solve the problem of the output. Therefore, pyrethroids are excellent substitutes for natural pyrethrins. Moreover, with the improvement of synthesis, more and more pyrethroids have been synthesized one after another. By using these pyrethroids extensively in our flea control products, we can achieve both the effectiveness and safety. For more details on pyrethroids, check out our Blog: What Are Pyrethroid Insecticides? 

Our Products

Our Poultry Pest-killing Water Emulsion is the best choice for the control of fleas, mosquitoes, flies, chicken lice, bed bugs and other common pests in livestock breeding sites. It contains the pyrethroid permethrin at a percentage of 10.4 and S-Bioallethrin. For livestock breeding sites, the product itself is colorless, tasteless, and stimulation-free. It will not cause any impacts on the normal growth of livestock. Its benefits also lie in its broad spectrum of target pests, its safety, its high efficiency, and its diverse application methods.

This Water Emulsion mainly contains permethrin and cypermethrin, both of which account for 0.25%. This is a great choice to deal with common pests like fleas in the home environment. It has a broad-spectrum killing effect for target pests for fleas, mosquitoes, flies, ants , bed bugs and other common household health pests. It can be used either into the home environment or directly onto the pet body for flea control. Designed for home use, it is highly safe and efficient, which makes it suitable even with the presence of infants and pregnant women at home.

Our Bottled Powder contained tetramethrin at a percentage of 0.05% and deltamethrin at a percentage of 0.02%. It has a broad-spectrum killing effect on common health pests such as fleas, ants, bed bugs , cockroaches, etc. Moreover, the effect of the product can last up to 90 days after use. The product is easy to use and has a wide application range. It can be widely used in bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and other locations. It can also be used to kill pests in the soil by applying it onto the soil of potted plants.

Our 3% Highly Efficient Cypermethrin and Permethrin Microemulsion contains tetramethrin at a percentage of 1% and cypermethrin at a percentage of 2% respectively. The advantages of this microemulsion are its low toxicity, high efficiency, stimulation-free character and low residue. It has a great killing effect on fleas, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other common health pests. The products are suitable for the pest control in kitchen, restaurant, toilet and other home environments as well as schools, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, etc. When it is applied, it can be used for both conventional spray mode and ultra-low volume spraying.

Our Exclusive Flea-killing Water Emulsion contains cypermethrin and permethrin, both of which are at a percentage of 0.25%. With its wide application range, it has both contact and stomach poisoning functions on fleas. It can be applied by spraying onto every corner of a house, as well as onto furniture, beds and pets. Secondly, this water emulsion is mild in nature and has a pleasant smell. Therefore, it is safe to be used in the environment with the presence of infants and pregnant women. In addition, the product has a long period of validity after it is applied. Its killing effect on fleas can be maintained for a long period of time after used.

About Safe-killer

Safe-killer is a professional manufacturer and supplier of insecticides and pest control equipment. It integrates research, development, production and international trade. Our product development aims at efficiency, environmental protection, safety and ease of use. Our insecticide products contain pyrethroids, imidacloprid, and indoxacarb. Pyrethroids such as tetramethrin, permethrin and bifenthrin are widely used in our products, as well as high efficiency and low toxicity insecticides such as Imidacloprid and Indoxacarb. They are effective in killing and controlling pests in many indoor and outdoor environments such as homes, offices, restaurants, food processing enterprises, building facilities and gardens. Our pest control equipment makes full use of solar energy, ultraviolet, high-frequency current and other methods to attract, kill and centrally dispose pests in a variety of environments. They include Bug Zappers & Light Traps, Yellow Sticky Glue Traps, Humane & Live Animal Traps, and Reusable Ranch Fly Traps. These products can be widely used for pest killing and control in agriculture, forestry, vegetable planting, tobacco, storage, brewing, garden, orchard, urban greening, aquaculture and other industries and fields.

We have a production factory with modern and multi-functional production line with a history over 30 years. We can ensure the high quality of our products through a strict quality control system. In addition, our self-owned production factory also helps to make our products more competitive at a better pricing level. In recent years, our products have been well received by more and more foreign purchasers. We pay close attention to pest situations and the emergence of new pest species around the world. By enriching our product range with our technical strength, we have continuously been providing high-quality, efficient and safe pest killing solutions to purchasers around the world. In the future, more insecticide products and pest control equipment will be online.

If you are in the purchase of insecticides or pest control equipment, please visit to browse our products. You can also consult our Customer Service for more information about certain insecticide or equipment. We hope that we can establish a cooperative relationship with you and become your product supplier.

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