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How to Safely Kill Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests in our daily life. They are also very dangerous insects. Their presence is often a great annoyance to our summer life. Mosquitoes are also notorious for the diseases they transmit, such as malaria, Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever, Zika virus disease, filariasis, etc. They can do serious harm to our health by spreading multiple diseases. Therefore, when we talk about effective family pest killing, the killing and control of mosquitoes is always an important task whenever the weather gets warmer each year.

For mosquitoes, for a long time, people have come up with many kinds of killing and controlling methods. In general, these methods can be basically divided into chemical methods, physical methods and organic ones. Chemical methods refer to the use of a variety of synthetic insecticide products made through traditional chemical synthesis methods to kill and prevent mosquitoes. Physical method refers to the use of physical equipment to capture or kill mosquitoes. Organic methods refer to the emphasis of the use of common ingredients that can be found in our daily life to achieve mosquito control. So, which one is the best? For these mosquito killing and control methods, different people have different opinions.

Why are Synthetic Insecticides still the Best?

1. The simplest product operation
After years of use of synthetic insecticide products, the operation and protective measures for these products have been mature. In physical prevention, the choice of location and time of use can be an operational hassle. In organic pest control, in order to achieve a non-chemical treatment of pests, the operator need to spend a lot of time monitoring the effect of the product. And sometimes, there should be timely intervention of the operation. In the case of sudden pest outbreaks, such organic methods are often ineffective.

2. An easier dosage control
After years of accumulation of operational experience, experienced operators have been very clear about the validity period and scope of function of chemical synthetic insecticide products. Compared with the uncertainty about the effects in organic pest control, the operator will feel more comfortable with the use of synthetic pesticides than they do with other methods.

3. A quicker effect and a higher killing efficiency
It has long been known that chemicals contained synthetic insecticide products work fastest that any other methods. Therefore, in terms of pest killing efficiency, synthetic insecticide products are more advantageous than organic insecticide products which are slow or even ineffective.

4. A more accurate targeting ability
We need to acknowledge that neither synthetic insecticide products nor organic insecticide products can be 100% accurate in targeting the pests. But by comparison, with years of research on the chemical composition of synthetic insecticides, synthetic insecticide products tend to target the pests more accurately than other methods. It can be said that many organic pesticide products are still at their experimental stage. Moreover, there is more uncertainty in the nature of those organic pesticide products.

5. They cost less
In general, the production cost of synthetic insecticides is lower than that of organic insecticides because the synthesis of the chemical ingredients has long been technically mature. When the effectiveness of chemical ingredients is talked about, the active ingredients in organic insecticides tend to have a very short duration after applied. Therefore, in order to ensure the continuous pest killing and control effect, it will be necessary to use these organic insecticides more frequently. This is bound to increase the economic cost. On the contrary, synthetic insecticides do not have such problem. So, they cost less than organic insecticides.

Therefore, to sum up, we respect the environmental protection concept advocated by the organic pest control methods, but still we don’t believe that organic methods can gain an advantage over traditional chemical methods in the short term. We believe that the combination of the rational use of low toxicity, high efficiency and low residue insecticides and the proper deployment of physical pest control equipment is the most feasible approach for pest killing and control at present. We have always been taking high efficiency, low toxicity and safety as the concept for our product research and development. We strive to pursue the balance between effectiveness, convenience and safety.

Our Mosquito Killers

Our mosquito killers mainly include Bottled Hot Mist, Poultry Pest-killing Water Emulsion, Water Emulsion and Insecticidal Bait Powder.

1. Bottled Hot Mist
Our Bottled Hot Mist can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. It mainly contains 1% of the active ingredient Propoxur and 1.5% of Cypermethrin. The product needs to be used with hot mist machine and has a quick knock down effect on household pests. When it is used, the liquid will firstly be filled into a hot mist machine and be mixed with water according to the instruction. After the solution is heated, it can be sprayed onto a wide range of environment and key locations such as sewer openings. Before the use of the product, for safety concern, the operator should wear a protective mask, gloves and goggles for protection. After the spraying work is finished, the operator should wash hands and any part of the body exposed to the solution immediately. It is toxic to silkworms, fish, bees and livestock and poultry, so it is forbidden to be used in or near any silkworm houses, mulberry gardens, ponds, beekeeping or feeding places. When used indoors, be careful not to contaminate food and drinking water. No person or animal is allowed to stay inside. The room should be fully ventilated before reoccupied. For the use within a sewage, it should be ensured that all methane inside has been fully released

2. Poultry Pest-killing Water Emulsion
The Poultry Pest-killing Water Emulsion is suitable for the use in livestock and poultry breeding sites. It contains 10.4% of the active ingredient permethrin and s-bioallethrin. This product can be used not only for space spraying, but also for the body surface spraying of livestock and poultry. It will achieve a quick killing effect on mosquitoes, flies, fleas and other pests. When it is used, the dosage should be determined according to the condition of the application sites first. The water emulsion should first be diluted with 100-150 times of water, and then be sprayed with an ultra-low or regular dose sprayer. Please refer to the website for more detailed information on the use of the product.

3. Water Emulsion
This water emulsion adopts deionized water and water as carrier. It is mild and non-irritant. The product contains 0.25% of the active ingredient permethrin and 0.25% of cypermethrin, which has a prominent killing effect on mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, ants and other common household pests. It is an effective and safe indoor insecticide. When it is used, it can be sprayed directly onto beds, sofas, wardrobes and bathroom environments. And there will not be cleaning work needed after use. The product can also be used for the bathing of pets. Due to its mild nature, the product is suitable for application with the presence of pregnant women and babies. For more detailed information of the product, you can refer to our website.

4. Insecticidal Bait Powder
This Insecticidal Bait Powder contains 2.15% of the active ingredient imidacloprid, which can effectively realize the killing and control of mosquitoes and other pests. When it is used, simply open the package and pour the bait into a small dish or onto the ground to attract pests. To achieve a better killing effect, the application sites can firstly be sprayed with water before it is sprayed onto the surface when it gets dry. When it is used, the operator should wear a mask to protect eyes and face in case of any direct contact with the product. And the operator’s hands and face should be washed promptly after use. When it is used, care should be taken not to contaminate food, tableware and drinking water. In order to protect sensitive animals, please do not use it in water sources, ponds, mulberry gardens, silkworm chambers, beehives, livestock and poultry farms and bird sanctuaries.

Active Ingredients Contained in our Products

Pyrethroids are the main active ingredients in the above-mentioned Bottle Hot Mist, Poultry Pest-killing Water Emulsion and Water Emulsion. Pyrethroids are biomimetic insecticides synthesized by structural modification of natural pyrethrums. Pyrethroids have an increasing family members in the past decades including permethrin, cypermethrin, ethofenprox, deltamethrin, cyhalothrin and so on. They are a new category of broad-spectrum insecticide ingredients after organochlorine and organophosphorus. For their advantages of non-accumulation, low toxicity and safe use, they are widely used in the pest control of food, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops. They have become one of the mainstream active ingredients of agricultural and health insecticides.

The main active ingredient in our Insecticidal Bait Powder is imidacloprid. Imidacloprid is one of the neonicotinoid insecticide ingredients. Its prominent effects are reflected in broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue. It has multiple killing effects such as contact toxicity, gastric toxicity and internal absorption. The mechanism of imidacloprid is to kill pests by blocking the normal transmission of the central nervous system. The ingredient will work within a short period of time after use, and the effect can last as long as 25 days. And the effect of the product is positively correlated with temperature. The higher the temperature is, the better the insecticidal effect will be. Insecticide products containing imidacloprid are mainly used to control various agricultural pests with stinging mouthparts as well as mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches and other household pests.

Are Organic Insecticides Overhyped?

Ideally, the control of any pests should include prevention, control and a variety of traditional and non-chemical methods. But in reality, things will sometimes be different. Since environmental protection attracts more and more attention, so many organic pest control methods have been popular in the recent decades, and they have been somewhat overemphasized. In many cases, organic methods are sometimes ineffective. Many organic solutions overemphasize that the ingredients they use in their products are non-toxic. But what we need to know is that the reason why insecticides are capable of killing and controlling pests is that the active ingredients they use are toxic in various degrees. The toxic effect of a certain insecticide on us is determined by two factors: the toxicity of the pesticide itself and users’ exposure. The popularity of organic pest killing methods has misled the users to some extent in the following aspects:

1. The effectiveness of organic solutions cannot be guaranteed. Large quantities of organic ingredients will be required to achieve the same results that can be easily achieved with a small amount of synthetic insecticides.

2. Many organic pest killing and control solutions have not been scientifically tested and proved. Although they are often made from seemingly risk-free ingredients, it doesn’t that the mixture won’t cause any negative consequences. For example, some organic insecticides may contain metals such as sulfur and zinc. If not used properly, they can pollute surface water and damage equipment. We all know vinegar, but what we don’t know is that when it is used as an herbicide, it may affect the growth of other plants. In addition, organic ingredients such as diatomite, rotenone and pleocidin have all been shown to be harmful to the living of bees.

3. Being organic itself does not mean that organic insecticides only kill targeted pests. Other non-target insects may also be affected or even killed when they are used

4. Organic insecticides are often more expensive than synthetic ones. And they tend to be slower in performance than their synthetic counterparts. Compared with synthetic insecticides which function soon after applied, this means more time and more labor work may be needed when these organic insecticides are used.

Therefore, what we really need to do will be to reasonably control the toxicity of insecticide ingredients through the optimization of the formulation and correct application. In addition, we also need to improve the targeting of pests and optimize the use of insecticides to avoid unnecessary human exposure. We understand that certain organic pest killing and control solutions can be effective against certain pests in certain circumstances, but we should not overemphasize that all organic solutions are superior to conventional synthetic insecticides.

To achieve the balance between the effectiveness and safety of insecticides, when making purchase, the best choices will always be those that are less toxic and at the same time, highly effective. We also take this as the purpose of our research and development of our insecticide products.

About Us

Safe-killer is a professional manufacturer and supplier of insecticides and pest control equipment. It integrates research, development, production and international trade. Our product development aims at efficiency, environmental protection, safety and ease of use. Our insecticide products contain pyrethroids, imidacloprid, and indoxacarb. Pyrethroids such as tetramethrin, permethrin and bifenthrin are widely used in our products, as well as high efficiency and low toxicity insecticides such as Imidacloprid and Indoxacarb. They are effective in killing and controlling pests in many indoor and outdoor environments such as homes, offices, restaurants, food processing enterprises, building facilities and gardens. Our pest control equipment makes full use of solar energy, ultraviolet, high-frequency current and other methods to attract, kill and centrally dispose pests in a variety of environments. They include Bug Zappers & Light Traps, Yellow Sticky Glue Traps, Humane & Live Animal Traps, and Reusable Ranch Fly Traps. These products can be widely used for pest killing and control in agriculture, forestry, vegetable planting, tobacco, storage, brewing, garden, orchard, urban greening, aquaculture and other industries and fields.

We have a production factory with modern and multi-functional production line with a history over 30 years. We can ensure the high quality of our products through a strict quality control system. In addition, our self-owned production factory also helps to make our products more competitive at a better pricing level. In recent years, our products have been well received by more and more foreign purchasers. We pay close attention to pest situations and the emergence of new pest species around the world. By enriching our product range with our technical strength, we have continuously been providing high-quality, efficient and safe pest killing solutions to purchasers around the world. In the future, more insecticide products and pest control equipment will be online.

If you are in the purchase of insecticides or pest control equipment, please visit to browse our products. You can also consult our Customer Service for more information about certain insecticide or equipment. We hope that we can establish a cooperative relationship with you and become your product supplier.

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